What will you create?

Junk2Funk is a wearable art exhibition where 75% of your entry must be made from recycled materials.

This years theme is REPITITION… we challenge you to innovate, deconstruct and create bringing you ideas and concepts to life as a wearable creation to be exhibited at the Hokitika Heritage Park.

How will you turn your junk into funk and inspire, educate or entertain us?

Where do you find inspiration? Deep in nature ensconced in the raw palettes mother nature delivers on a daily basis or in the energy and soundtrack of a bustling cityscape?

In a future where electronics are predicted to play a large part in everyday fashion – what kind of clothes will we wear? Will the futurescape fashion be purely aesthetic – or will it expand our awareness, acting like an intelligent second skin? 

Will we become super sensory, physically aware of data flows, communicating our internal states through the garments we wear? And how will we socialize in our world when we are supervised by technology? 3D printing sits at the intersection of fashion and technology. It combines digital, physical and biological elements creating innovative fashions intertwined with several disciplines. 3D printing literally connects garments to technology and vice versa.

Or do you connect more with nature and look more to eco principles and sustainability with a focus on circular fashion and the life span of wearables?

The competition has no limits  – the only boundaries are your own creative walls… We challenge you to think outside the box – get your creative on, get out in nature and soak up some inspiration and bring to life your own innovative designs. 

We invite the amazing creative minds of the younger generations with a children’s section and welcome every creative mind in solo or group collaboration to share the wild, the crazy and the awe inspiring pure fun involved in creating.  

what will you create?


Entry Sections

Get your repitition on… what will you create?


For the children 12yrs and under… the masters of imagination and makers of creations we are just waiting to meet.

Sponsored by the LIONS



Cyborgs, robots, sci-fi or full circle… What’s your prediction of street style in the future?

Think about sustainability and maybe how your concept could inspire a more sustainable fashion industry.

What message do you want to send to the masses. For too long disposable fashions have played too big a part in our retail sector.

Sponsored by BONZ’N’STONZ


Don’t just think ‘what If’… the action is in the doing. Try it, make it, bend it, break it, push it and surprise yourself, and us…

 Think about supreme sustainability and make us laugh, cry or gasp with your own concept and recycled creation

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Judging Criteria


Looking for interesting and unusual use of resources, with a high proportion of the entry being made of recycled materials.


Looking for a cohesive, thoughtful concept. You may elaborate and write more about the concept on the entry form. There are many ways to impress the judges, for instance: humour, innovation, surprise, originality.


Quality of work. Looking for technique and quality of construction. 


Looking for entries that exhibit well and draw in the viewer. Wether it be throuh bold use of colour or detail in your design… does your piece have the WOW factor and pull a crowd yearning for more?

Terms & Conditions

The emphasis is on creativity and fun, but we all need rules to live and work by! These guidelines cover entry and participation in the event. We cannot have rules to cover every conceivable eventuality, so in the event of ambiguity or dispute, the judge’s decision is final. 

1. Every entry form must be received by 4pm on the 26th May 2023. You may submit up to 3 entries per person. Every finished entry must be submitted before 26th May 2023

2. Your entry must be able to fit through a large roller door. Garments must be designed to be worn and must be safe, for instance; no sharp edges, no objectionable odours, not offensive in any manner. Garments must be robust enough to be displayed on a mannequin for a month.

3. Please ensure the garment fits within womens sizes 10-16 or mens sizes small through large. If the garment is for a child, please advise with your entry the approximate age child the garment is suitable for.

4. The entry needs to be the unique work of the entrant. It is allowed to have been entered in previous competitions but not exhibited or won awards.

5. Ensure entries are sufficiently packaged when sent. The competition operations team will take suitable measures to ensure the safety and security of your entry, but unfortunately we can’t take responsibility for any breakages that may occur, and the risk for the entry lies with the entrant. For this reason, we strongly recommend your entry is made to the standards specified.

6. All entrants are invited to attend the Wearable Art Exhibition in person in Hokitika, however it is not essential to attend the exhibition in order to be eligible for all prizes.

7. If you would like your entry returned at the conclusion of the exhibition, you will be responsible for return courier costs. If you do not want your entry returned, the event organisers may use it for promotional purposes, upcycling or dispose of it. Be sure to include your correct email address for return correspondence on your entry form.

8. The decision of the judges is final. The judging criteria is based largely on Construction, Recycled content, Execution of concept and Exhibition’ality. Please see the judging criteria for more detail. 

9. The competition organisers are permitted to take photographs of the entries and use these for promotional purposes, along with the name of the entrant.

10. The $20 entry fee is non-refundable. That covers all occasions inclusive of but not limited to: Covid 19, change of mind, dog eating entry, leaving country, tornado, hailstorms and sneezing pandas, etc…

11. Insuring item during shipment is responsibility of the creater.


Save the Date 

26 MAY 2023 – Last day for all costumes to be received!

All entries must be received at J2F HQ @ the Hokitika Heritage Park BEFORE the 26th of May 2023. 


An afternoon event showcasing the Junk2Funk entries at the Hokitika Heritage Park.

WORKSHOPS – Mondays 2:30-5pm & Thursdays 5-7pm

MONDAYS : 17th April, 1st May, 15th May, 29th May    THURSDAYS : 6th April, 20th April, 4th May, 18th May 


Hokitika Heritage Park
Hokitika, 7810, West Coast